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Perudo Championships

And the winner is...

Perudo has taken the UK by storm thanks to the annual Championships which gives fans of this liar dice game the chance to battle it out to be crowned 'Perudo Champion'.

Requiring luck, skill and guesswork, Perudo is a hilarious game of bluff and counterbluff where the outcome can never be predicted.

Every year Paul Lamond hosts regional qualifiers across the UK; the winners then take part in the Grand Final held in London to determine who wins the coveted title of 'Perudo Champion'.

The high profile championships are rapidly growing in popularity and a great night is had by all thanks to a mix of fun, tension, excitement and anticipation.

Perudo is fun for all the family and this iconic game, which Stephen Fry declared to be 'the second most addictive thing to come out of South America' has been part of Paul Lamond's portfolio for more than quarter of a century.

Perudo is also popular with celebrities such as Sienna Miller and Konnie Huq, and was played in the Pirates of the Caribbean.

To find out more about the Perudo Championships visit or follow us on Twitter: @perudo_plg or Facebook: Perudo – Paul Lamond.

Perudo Championship 2016 final at the Groucho Club

May the best win! Again this year we are excited to announce the final of Perudo Championship will be held at the Groucho Club on 7th of November 2016.

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