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Colour Cube Sudoku

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£ 19.95

Colour Cube Sudoku

Over two trillion combinations make this Sudoku game more challenging than it first appears! Comes with bonus challenge for when you have mastered the original! Suitable for 8 years and over.


If you love Sudoku you will love this innovative version of the classic puzzle.  It’s colourful, 3D and there isn’t a number in sight! Colour Cube Sudoku uses colours rather than numbers so put your brilliant logical thinking to the test and complete the challenge! The aim is to flip and arrange the nine coloured cubes until no colours are repeated in any row or column. Sounds easy? Well there are over two trillion different ways to position the coloured cubes but it is a challenge to find just one of the half a million possible solutions! It will certainly take more than a couple of flips of the cube to master this brilliant Sudoku puzzle but once you have conquered the traditional Sudoku pattern you can give your brain a real workout with the fun bonus challenges that are also included.  This fun, single-player, logic game is ideally for players 8 years and over.