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Where's Wally? Board Game

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Where's Wally? Board Game

Where's Wally? The Board Game


Finding Wally is never child's play but it's even trickier when there's a board made up of four movable sections and a ticking timer to battle against! If you know a fan of the red and white jumper-wearing character, then they'll love the chance to show their stripes in this exciting fast and furious search and find game where they'll say goodbye to school holiday boredom and so long to rainy day blues. Great for girls and boys alike aged seven upwards (and fun-loving grown-ups too!), the Where's Wally? Board Game is a race against time where being eagle-eyed and speedy is a winning combination! Players must find the picture on the board which matches the picture on their card. It might sound simple but try doing that when the sections of the board have been rearranged and there's a constant tick telling you that time is running out. The aim of the game is to be the fastest player to find and cover Where's Wally? pictures on the board with a Wally token. The next player tries to do the same and so the game continues until the timer stops. A card with a number '2' on it means double the challenge - you have to match the picture on your card to the picture on the board twice before play moves on. And if you collect a card with an 'R' on it, the direction of play is reversed and the four sections of the Where's Wally? board must be rearranged too. Simply super stripy fun for Where's Wally? fans who like a challenge!


Contents:  Timer, Rules, 12 Scoring Tokens, 105 Wally Tokens, 4 reversible play boards (these group together to make one large board), 100 Wally Playing Cards  

Warnings: Not suitable for children under 36 months, small parts, choking hazard.