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Hanayama Brain Teaser - Labyrinth

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Hanayama Brain Teaser - Labyrinth

Hanayama has done it again, with the Labyrinth Puzzle, invented during Britain's 19th-century puzzle craze. Centuries later, Hanayama cast metal brainteaser expert Nob Yoshigahara found a design which incorporates the British fascination with mazes.

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Now we have Hanayama's Labyrinth, just right for the 21st century. Separating the metal rings is just the first step. Once you have succeeded in taking the two pieces apart, it's time to put them together again. This amazing brainteaser puzzle is just one of the many intriguing puzzles from Hanayama. Rated Level 5, considered difficult by most puzzlers. Suitable for ages 12 years and over