Jamie Raven The Ultimate Magic Set

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Jamie Raven The Ultimate Magic Set

From one of Britain’s most talented and inspiring magicians comes the Ultimate Magic Set.


Learn directly from the best as the phenomenal magician, Jamie Raven, who shot to stardom on the 2015 series of Britain’s Got Talent when he finished as ‘Top Human’, teaches you 50 of his favourite mind-blowing magic tricks.  Magically print money from blank paper; miraculously link solid rings together; amaze your friends by reading their minds and many more astonishing tricks, the Ultimate Magic Set contains everything you need to perform astonishing and breath-taking magic including a very special component. A secret online link means you can learn how to perform each trick directly from Jamie himself! Through online tutorials, Jamie not only demonstrates each trick, the incredible magician also shares his hints and tips to help you perfect and deliver magical performances every time. 
Whether you are a budding magician, or simply interested in magic The Ultimate Magic Set brings you exciting and unique tricks taught to you by the remarkable Jamie Raven. There are also four other specialist magic sets available from Jamie Raven including Card Magic, Magic of the Mind, Street Magic and Sleight of Hand. All sets are suitable for budding magicians aged 8 years and over.